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Sense4Med Disseminations


“Paper-based Electrochemical (Bio)sensors as Smart and Sustainable Microfluidic Devices” (Invited Lecture)

Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics Gordon Research Conference (Barga),  Lucca, Italy  – June 2023


“Paper-based printed electrochemical (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable  point-of-care devices” (Invited Lecture)

LOPEC, Munich, Germany – March 2023


“Paper as smart material to deliver ecodesigned printed (bio)sensors  with improved analytical features and unprecedented applications”

IAdChem Workshop “Materials for Biosensing & Bioimaging 2023”, Madrid, Spain – February 2023 

Paper-based electrochemical (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable analytical tools” (Invited Lecture)

Women in Science, Engineering and Research (WISER), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia – February 2023


Paper-based electrochemical (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable devices” (Plenary Lecture)

The Tenth International Workshop on Biosensors, Dakhla, Marocco  –  October 2022

Design of novel paper-based devices for smart analysis(Plenary Lecture)

2th Annual 2022 IEEE International Conference on RFID ­Technology and Applications RFID-TA 2022, Cagliari, Italia, September 2022   

“Electrochemical paper-based devices: when the simple replacement of the support to print ecodesigned electrodes improves radically the features of the electrochemical devices” (Invited Lecture) 

73rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, “Symposium 1, Smart Materials for Innovative Wearable/Disposable/Renewable/Low-cost Electroanalytical devices”, on line – September 2022


Paper-based electrochemical (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable devices” (Keynote Lecture)

XXIX Congress of the Italian Division of Analytical Chemistry, Milazzo, Italia  – September 2022

“Smart miniaturized biosensors for chemical and biological warfare agents” (Keynote Lecture)

AuxDefense 2022 – 3rd World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense, Guimarães, Portogallo – July 2022 


Miniaturized electrochemical sensors for the detection of pollutants”(Invited Lecture)

International Congress of Energies and Engineering of Industrial Processes CEGPI’2 USTHB, Algeria – May 2022

“How the analytical chemists can face the Sustainable Developments in their   research activity: design of sustainable (bio)sensors” (Invited Lecture)

International Conference on Sustainable Developments in Materials Science, Technology and Engineering (ICSDMSTE 2022), Malesia – April 2022

“Paper-based (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable point of-care devices” (Invited Lecture) 

BES2022 XXVII International symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, Antwerp, Belgio – April 2022


“Miniaturized Electrochemical Biosensors for Smart Detection of Chemical & Warfare Agents” (Invited Lecture)

International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine at MEDICA Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germania – November 2021

“Paper-based (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable point-of-care devices” (Invited Lecture)

9th Annual Sensors in Medicine 2021, on-line – November 2021


“Carbon black as an outstanding and affordable nanomaterial for electrochemical (bio)sensors design” (Invited Lecture)

TNT2021 School of Nanobiosensors, Tirana, Albania – October 2021

“Carbon black-based Printed Electrochemical (Bio)sensors” (Plenary Lecture)

International school on Programmable Smart Sensors based on compatible Nanocomposite Materials (NanoSENS) on-line – June 2021


“Carbon black as nanomodifier of printed electrodes”  (Invited Lecture)

Workshop “Nuove Tecnologie per Sensori e Biosensori”  on-line  – February 2021


“Carbon black as nanomodifier of printed electrodes” (Invited Lecture)

International Conference in Recent Trends in 2D Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications, on-line – February 2021

“Electrochemical miniaturized (bio)sensors to support the sustainable management of COVID-19 outbreak”(Invited Lecture)

Biosensors for Pandemics 2021  on-line  – February 2021  

“Ecodesigned and cost-effective electrochemical (bio)sensors” (Invited Lecture)

International webinar on Deployable nanobionegineered sensing technologies, on Springer Nature platform – January 2021