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Youth for future 2019 invited speaker as CEO women of SENSE4MED. 13/11/2019


Sunday in a family… in our scientific family! At Maker Faire Rome -The European Edition. 20/10/2019


Saturday at Maker Faire 2019, Nanobiosensinglab and SENSE4MED people Veronica Caratelli Luca Fiore Vincenzo Mazzaracchio Neda Bagheri. 19/10/2019

Today we start our activity at Maker Faire 2019, the biggest event in Europe on innovation with Veronica Caratelli and Luca Fiore. We will be until Sunday to show our multifarious paper-based devices applied in environmental, agrifood, defence, cultural heritage and biomedical field! 18/10/2019

SENSE4MED at The Ninth International Workshop on Biosensors showing our results with paper-based devices. 11/10/2019